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Science and Enterprise. The Next Health Care Disruption. 29 September 2015. The pharmaceutical industry must reform its business practices to bring down costs of prescription drugs. If the industry doesn't change from within, others will do it for them, and it won't be pretty. Part of the special Think Further series, sponsored by investment company Fred Alger Management (photo: frolicsome/Pixabay).

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Recent work online and in print

  • Science & Enterprise profiled and Alan Kotok interviewed in ACI Scholarly Blog Index, 2 July 2015.
  • LinkedIn. Making Bootstraps: A Mid-Career Break to Boost Wage Growth. 15 March 2015. Universal Sabbatical for Advancement grants would be modeled after the G.I. Bill and provide workers with a mid-career break for a year to build skills for higher-paying jobs. Also posted on Science and Technology.
  • LinkedIn. Job Loyalty Revisited: Earned, not Entitled. 7 September 2014. Employers face the challenge of creating an environment where job security and career advancement are more the norm than the exception. Career advancement is something managers at all levels can provide, and often without incurring much expense.
  • LinkedIn. Job Loyalty Revisited: Lessons from Market Basket. 1 September 2014. For American workers, the Market Basket story should raise a few questions about loyalty owed to an employer, and restoring some of the balance that seems weighted way in favor of the people signing pay checks.
  • Seeking Alpha. Sanofi Bolsters Vaccine Business. 18 August 2014. Sanofi Pasteur, the pharmaceutical company's vaccines division, has important new releases coming up in late-stage clinical trials and for regulatory review.
  • Seeking Alpha. Shire Acquisition Bolsters Its Rare, And Maybe Not-So-Rare, Disease Portfolio. 19 May 2014. The acquisition by Shire plc earlier this month of Lumena Pharmaceuticals builds Shire's already strong position in rare diseases, but the acquisition can also help Shire advance drug development programs aimed at larger populations.
  • LinkedIn. My Mission: Journalists Who Love Math. 26 April 2014. For too many reporters of all kinds, covering a story with any amount of quantification seems to make them surrender to the words in a press release. I'm on a mission to change that.
  • Seeking Alpha. New GlaxoSmithKline Diabetes Drug Needs Innovative Marketing Strategy. 21 April 2014. A diabetes drug approved last week for sale in the U.S. and Europe brings GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) into a new therapy field for the company, one that is both crowded and changing rapidly with the ageing of baby boomers and new directions in health care.
  • E-book: Cienfuegos Rainbow: Observations of a 21st Century Cuba. April 2013. An eight-day study tour of Cuba became an eye-opening experience that highlighted a country struggling to feed and house its population in the 21st century, while stuck in a confrontational cold war past. Alan and Sharon Kotok describe their experiences as part of a group of University of Iowa alumni who visited Cuba in January 2013.

About Alan Kotok

Alan Kotok is a Washington, DC-based reporter and writer on technology, business, and public policy, and editor and publisher of Science and Enterprise, an online news service on the value chain connecting scientific discovery with the marketplace. Kotok previously was managing editor of Science Careers, the online employment, career development, and funding portal of Science Magazine. Alan also serves as editor of PublicDiplomacy.org, the Web site of the Public Diplomacy Alumni Association. More details are available inside.

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