Surfer, Tel Aviv beach, 15 December 2013. More photography by Alan Kotok

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Recent work online and in print

  • Photo by Alan Kotok in Haaretz, a leading Israeli daily newspaper, 15 December 2013, page 8 (print only). Boston harbor and skyline.
  • Seeking Alpha. Myriad Genetics' Acquisition Of Crescendo Bioscience: A Question Of Timing. 10 February 2014. "At first glance, the acquisition makes a lot of sense for Myriad, adding a ready-made capability in a complementary line, but also this week, the scientific landscape changed markedly for rheumatoid arthritis and similar disorders, adding a wrinkle into Myriad's plans for the company."
  • Seeking Alpha. Bayer's Curious Acquisition Of Cancer Drug Maker Algeta. 23 December 2013. News of the acquisition stressed Bayer's getting "outright control" of Algeta's drug for advanced prostate cancer through the acquisition, but a look at Algeta's technology suggests Bayer is getting more for its $2.9 billion than a single drug it already markets.
  • Seeking Alpha. Walgreen's Mobile Strategy Scores With Retail Customers. 30 July 2013. Walgreen's mobile strategy is paying off in higher sales volume for mobile customers than store-only customers, but wellness apps are a different world for a company that's still essentially a drug store chain.
  • Seeking Alpha. Celgene Expanding R&D Portfolio Into Regenerative Medicine. 8 July 2013. Biopharmaceutical company Celgene Corporation is venturing beyond its biologic therapy pipeline into tissue engineering and regenerative medicine in a series of deals with the biotech Tengion Inc.
  • Seeking Alpha. Stratasys Prepares For 3-D Synthetic Biomaterials. 24 June 2013. Enterprise 3-D printer developer Stratasys made headlines with its acquisition of MakerBot, but in that same week the company collaborated with an MIT research group that used 3-D printing to create synthetic bone matter from a complex computer model.
  • Seeking Alpha. St. Jude Medical Boosts Anti-Pain Portfolio In $40M Deal. 9 June 2013. Medical technology company St. Jude Medical bought a piece of pain management system developer Spinal Modulation and got an exclusive license to market its innovative neurostimulation device worldwide.
  • Seeking Alpha. Clearing The Air On The Sanofi-Regeneron Asthma Drug Trial. 28 May 2013. While the findings of a clinical trial testing a new asthma drug by Sanofi and Regeneron Pharmaceuticals are medically and financially promising, the science behind the study suggests some limitations, yet also other opportunities for the drug.
  • Seeking Alpha. Shire's New Rare Disease Deal: Interesting Science Meets Unique Financing. 13 May 2013. The biotechnology company Nimbus Discovery announced an agreement with the specialty pharmaceutical developer Shire plc that combines an innovative technology for drug discovery with a novel financing method to move that technology forward.
  • E-book: Cienfuegos Rainbow: Observations of a 21st Century Cuba. April 2013. An eight-day study tour of Cuba became an eye-opening experience that highlighted a country struggling to feed and house its population in the 21st century, while stuck in a confrontational cold war past. Alan and Sharon Kotok describe their experiences as part of a group of University of Iowa alumni who visited Cuba in January 2013.
  • Cuba -- Ripe for a Public Diplomacy Initiative. 2 February 2013. The U.S. has an opportunity to make direct people-to-people connections that can pay off in Cuba's post-Castro future, but only for a brief time before others beat us to it.

About Alan Kotok

Alan Kotok is a Washington, DC-based reporter and writer on technology, business, and public policy, and editor and publisher of Science and Enterprise, an online news service on the value chain connecting scientific discovery with the marketplace. Kotok previously was managing editor of Science Careers, the online employment, career development, and funding portal of Science Magazine. Alan also serves as editor of, the Web site of the Public Diplomacy Alumni Association. More details are available inside.

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