Scott Gottlieb

FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb at Brookings Institution, 19 March 2019 (A. Kotok)

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  • Science and Enterprise. Essay – Find the Missing Vaccine Doses. 24 January 2021. The evidence suggests vaccine distribution so far is a monumental failure, and even with wrongdoing.
  • Science and Enterprise. Essay – Enlist U.S. Retailers for Vaccine Distribution. 31 December 2020. A promising solution for vaccine distribution is staring policy-makers in the face, on street corners and shopping centers across the U.S., retail chain stores.
  • Science and Enterprise. Exclusive – Women’s Heart Health Diagnostics in the Works. 14 August 2020. An organization for redressing health disparities faced by women awarded a new grant to advance better tools for detecting and measuring women’s heart disease.
  • Science and Enterprise. Essay – Ten Years and Counting. 6 July 2020. If you dig deep into the Science & Enterprise archives, you’ll find this site began posting on 6 July 2010, exactly 10 years ago today.
  • Science and Enterprise. Editorial – No More Business as Usual. 2 June 2020. Science and Enterprise is a one-person operation with few resources producing two stories a day on a specialized topic, but we will be more sensitive to our story selection and whenever possible tell more about experiences of black and brown people in our field.
  • Science and Enterprise. Commentary – Biotech, Trump’s Latest Casino. 16 March 2020. If you thought the Trump administration couldn’t bungle any worse its response to the coronavirus pandemic, think again.
  • Science and Enterprise. Commentary – New Models Needed for Antibiotic Resistance. 26 December 2019. Solving this vexing problem may take a different way of treating infections, with a new type of business to develop and produce the treatments.
  • Medium. Get Ready for Biological Programming. 21 April 2019. Writing code with cells and genes
  • Medium, Towards Data Science. A Journalist’s Guide to Demystify A.I.. 14 April 2019. Better to light a candle than curse the algorithm.
  • Science and Enterprise. FDA Chief Calls Teen Vaping an “Epidemic”. 20 March 2019. The commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration warned that the sharp rise in teen electronic cigarette use is an epidemic threatening the public health.
  • Science and Enterprise. Insulin Delivered by Capsule, That’s the Good News. 10 February 2019. Before we start celebrating the end of injections, we need to deal with a more basic problem facing people with diabetes, namely the rapidly rising cost of insulin.
  • Science and Enterprise. Book Review – The Fifth Risk. 3 February 2019. Michael Lewis describes in a gripping narrative some of those critical life-protecting functions the federal government performs in his new book The Fifth Risk.

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