About the exhibit

Welcome to the National Press Club 2023 members photo exhibit. The show is produced by NPC's Photography Team and runs the entire month of September 2023 in the Club's main lobby on the 13th floor of the National Press Building, 529 14th Street NW in Washington, D.C.

The exhibit is National Press Club's annual celebration of visual storytelling. The 211 photos and images this year combine photojournalism with event, travel, wildlife, street, sports, and lifestyle photography, as well as expressions of photographic art. The entries represent a wide range of experiences, interests, and geographic locations.

This year's event is the 24th annual exhibit by the Club. Marshall Cohen, founder of NPC's Photography Committee as it was called, began the exhibit in 1999, and continues as an exhibitor this year. We thank the 55 NPC members for contributing their photos and images. And a heartfelt thanks goes to NPC executive director Didier Saugy and staff, particularly our staff manager Cecily Scott Martin, for making this whole production possible.

This year, the exhibit highlights the sacrifice of Ukrainian photojournalist Maksim Levin, captured and executed by Russian soldiers in March 2022, according to Reporters Without Borders. Levin's work and death underscore the dangers faced by many of our photojournalist colleagues in doing their work.

Please note that Maksim Levin's photos show scenes of war-time conflict, destruction, and death. Also, photos and images in the exhibit represent a wide range of members' experiences and values.

Photo, right, "R-E-L-I-E-F" by Pender Munro McCarter, appearing in the 2023 NPC photo exhibit.

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Viewing the exhibit catalog

The catalog can be viewed on most any device: laptop, desktop, big-screen monitor, tablet, or smartphone. While the exhibit can be viewed on a phone, most images display better on a horizontal screen. If using a phone, tilt the screen for a horizontal display.

The Browse Photos link lets you view the entire collection, divided into two slide shows. And the Photographers link on each catalog page takes you to the list of photographers, to find a person's photos, where you also can learn the story behind most of the images displayed.

All of the photographer's images in the catalog are displayed on the SmugMug photography web site to enable better viewing on all devices, courtesy of Technology News and Literature. In SmugMug, each photographer has their own gallery. Once in a photographer's gallery, click on an image to see the image in full size. You can also scroll through each image separately in a gallery to read the full descriptions.

Thank you for visiting the 2023 exhibit catalog and enjoy the show.

Alan Kotok. Co-chair, National Press Club Photography Team
Cheriss May. Co-chair, National Press Club Photography Team

Technology News and Literature

The 2023 National Press Club exhibit catalog is hosted by Technology News and Literature, a digital publishing company in Arlington, Virginia that has published this exhibit catalog since 2019, the first catalog for the Club's exhibit. Technology News and Literature is also publisher of Science & Enterprise, a news service reporting daily on the intersection of science and business.