Alan Kotok
Publications, 1990 to 1999

The Power Of ICE
CMP TechWeb: PlanetIT.Com, 12 November 1999.
Description of the Information and Content Exchange (ICE) protocol as a syndication tool.

Less Is More In E-Business: The XML/edi Group
XML.Com, 10 November 1999.
Proposals to make XML work better for business. With David R.R. Webber

Take the Money and Run
XML.Com, 30 September 1999.
Do new XML financial vocabularies make it easier or tougher for crooks to launder money?

XML's Next Wave: ICE
CMP TechWeb: PlanetIT.Com, 28 September 1999.
Businesses publish data, whether they know it or not, and the Information and Content Exchange (ICE) helps make it happen.

Leveraging the Value Chain with XML and Auto ID
Electronic Commerce World , September 1999
Pages 20-22
The emerging XML community can learn a thing or two from automatic identification

XML and EDI, Lessons Learned and Baggage to Leave Behind
XML.Com, 15 August 1999.
Five-part review of XML and how EDI can help make it work better for business.

Going Global with Bar Codes
Electronic Commerce World , August 1999, Faulkner & Gray/Thomson Financial
Page 50
New bar code symbologies support foreign language character sets.

Avoiding "The Second Disaster"
Electronic Commerce World , June1999, Thomson EC Resources
Page 6
Standard bar codes and XML/EDI can help keep track of disaster relief supplies.

Bar Codes With Style
Electronic Commerce World , April 1999, Thomson EC Resources
Page 8
New SuperCode symbology prints high-density bar codes in logos, borders, and watermarks

Retailers Getting Better at Barcode Accuracy
Electronic Commerce World , February 1999, Thomson EC Resources
Page 8
FTC survey shows greater bar code/shelf price consistency

Running Commentary
Electronic Commerce World , December 1998, Thomson EC Resources
Page 6
Tracking marathon runners (including the author) and other moving targets with radio frequency identification.

Stronger Links in the Supply Chain
Electronic Commerce World , October 1998, Thomson EC Resources
Pages 22, 23
Bar codes and EDI in supply chain integration

Barcode Use in Health Care -- A Personal Report
Electronic Commerce World , August 1998, Thomson EC Resources
Page 10
A visit to the hospital turns into a study of its bar codes and management systems

SMEs--It Rhymes with Sneeze
Electronic Commerce World , June 1998, Thomson EC Resources
Page 6
Taking EDI software vendors to task for not developing real systems for small businesses

Trust but Verify
Electronic Commerce World , April 1998, EDI World Inc.
Page 14
Bar code verification equipment

Managing Information
Electronic Commerce World, December 1997, EDI World Inc.
Page 6
Digital Object Identifier and its similarity to identifiers in automatic identification systems

The Mail is in the Barcode
Electronic Commerce World , October 1997, EDI World Inc.
Page 8
First commentary on the U.S. Postal Service's information-based indicia that uses two-dimensional bar codes

Smart Cards: Auto ID Meets the Internet
Electronic Commerce World , June 1997, EDI World Inc.
Page 8
Potential for smart cards to relieve anxieties about security on the Internet

Keeping Control of Inventory
Management Portfolio, April 1997, Printing Industries of America
Excerpt from chapter 10 of Print Communications book

Making a Contribution, and Then Some
Electronic Commerce World, March 1997, EDI World Inc.
Page 8
Increasing media recognition of bar codes for improving productivity

Retailers Turning to Digital Workflow
EDI World, December 1996, EDI World Inc.
Page 16
Ability of digital printing to deliver variable packaging images, including bar codes

You Can't Tell a Price by Looking at the Cover
EDI World, October 1996, EDI World Inc.
Page 8
Problems faced by UPC bar codes on magazines

Faster, Faster, Faster
Publishing and Production Executive, September 1996, North American Publishing Co.,
Pages 39-46
Standards for EDI in publishing production

No Respect
EDI World, June 1996, EDI World Inc.
Page 6
Lack of attention to bar codes in the general and computer press

Leading 2-D Symbologies Emerge
EDI World, April 1996, EDI World Inc.
Page 6
Development of standards for two-dimensional bar codes

Now for the Bad News
EDI World, February 1996, EDI World Inc.
Page 10
The Michigan Attorney-General raids retail stores looking for bar code/price discrepancies

Read Any Good Labels Lately?
EDI World, December 1995, EDI World Inc.
Page 6
The value of labels, including human-readable and bar coded information

First, Do No Harm
EDI World, September 1995, EDI World Inc.
Page 14
One of the first reports of adverse drug events and the potential role of bar codes in reducing their occurence in medical care

The Dynamic Duo: Bar Codes and Electronic Data Interchange
RPS NewsPak, Fall 1995, Roadway Package System
Pages 6-7

The Holy Grail
EDI World, July 1995, EDI World Inc.
Page 6
Making electronic commerce work for small business

ANSI's Bar Code Report Tells All
EDI World, May 1995, EDI World Inc.
Page 10
Periodic survey of bar code standards shows breadth of technology

How to Manage Paper ... and More
Publishing and Production Executive, April 1995, North American Publishing Co.
Pages 47-51
EDI and bar codes in publishing

Scan a Bar Code and Help Stop a Killing
EDI World, March 1995, EDI World Inc.
Page 6
Proposal for unique bar coded identifiers on handguns that generated a barrage of reader comments

Who are ID Numbers for Anyway?
EDI World, January 1995, EDI World Inc.
Page 10
Role of product and item identifiers in bar codes

New Standards Project Offers a Second Dimension to Bar Code Labeling
EDI World, October 1994, EDI World Inc.
Page 6
Efforts to develop standards for two-dimensional bar codes

Bar Codes: Not Just for Retail Stores
Dealer Communicator, October 1994, Fichera Publications
Pages 13

The Quality Race Has No Finish Line
Dealer Communicator, August 1994, Fichera Publications
Pages 1, 7

Auto ID's Role in Reinventing Government
EDI World, May 1994, EDI World Inc.
Bar codes and related technologies play a role in the program to reform government operations

Can Auto ID Jump Start Electronic Commerce for Small Business?
EDI World, April 1994, EDI World Inc.
Page 16
Bar codes can help small businesses get started in electronic commerce

New Standard Shipping Label Can Ease Inventory JITters
EDI World, January 1994, EDI World Inc.
Page 6
Standards for the design of shipping labels and placement of bar coded information

Electronic Protectionism
EDI World, October 1993, EDI World Inc.
Page 6
Proposed European labeling standards act as non-tariff trade barriers

2-D or Not 2-D
EDI World, May 1993, EDI World Inc.
Page 6
Two dimensional bar codes offer more capacity and features for data transfers.

Logistics Network Handles Giant Inventory with EDI and Bar Codes
EDI World, April 1993, EDI World Inc.
Page 6
Early supply chain integration experiment using retail scanning data to generate forecasts and orders

More on EDI, Bar Codes and the Q-Word
EDI World, March 1993, EDI World Inc.
Page 6
The role of bar codes in total quality management and continuous process improvement

Electronic Data Interchange -- When You Care Enough to Send the Least
Channel, Spring 1993, North American Graphic Arts Suppliers Association,
Pages 2, 6, 7

Banging on the End of the Bottle
EDI World, January 1993, EDI World Inc.
Page 15
European paper industry identifiers and bar codes

Electronic Fear
EDI World, December 1992, EDI World Inc.
Pages 12, 15
Auto industry bar codes and EDI forced on suppliers

EDI/Bar Code Program Off the Ground in Aircraft Companies
EDI World, October 1992, EDI World Inc.
Page 10
Integrated EDI and bar code applications in commercial aircraft companies

An Inside-the-Beltway Success Story
EDI World, September 1992, EDI World Inc.
Page 14
U.S. Army inventory program wins electronic commerce award

Say the Magic Word
EDI World, August 1992, EDI World Inc.
Inaugural column in EDI World magazine

Use of Bar Codes on Ink Containers (Co-author: Peter Brehm)
American Ink Maker, February 1992, PTN Publications
Pages 32-34
From presentation at NAPIM Technical Conference, 25 October 1991

Barcodes for Folio and Cut-Size Stock (Co-author William H. Howell)
TAPPI Journal, October 1991, Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry
Pages 83-86
From presentation at 1991 TAPPI Finishing and Converting Conference

Selling Computers to the Soviets
Computer Digest, May 1990, Clark Publishing Co.
Pages 27, 30-31
If you want to sell information technology to the East, better know what you are doing.

Export Controls on Microcomputers -- The Last Iron Curtain?
Capital PC Monitor, May 1990
Pages 30-31
The Berlin Wall may have come down, but policies that restrict sales of PC technology linger on.

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