Alan Kotok
Publications, 2003

White papers

Case Study: U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

ebXML.Org, 10 October 2003.
ebXML.Org published a new case study, describing the ebXML implementations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), an agency of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. CDC operates the Public Health Information Network (PHIN) with state and local health agencies, clinical facilities and medical labs across the U.S. The PHIN Messaging Service makes use of ebXML's Messaging Service and Collaboration Protocol Agreement specifications.

Magazine and Web site articles

If You Like Web Services Standards You Would Love XML 2003

WebServices.Org, 30 December 2003.
A sobering report from IDEAlliance's XML 2003 conference taking in the abundance of standards, the continued strength of EDI, security and future of Web services.

Getting Tight with Loosely Coupled

WebServices.Org, 10 August 2003.
A review of Doug Kaye's new book on Web services shows it has some valuable lessons for managers, but stumbles on management issues itself.

U.S. E-government Initiatives Take Their First Steps With Web Services

WebServices.Org, 1 July 2003.
The E-Gov 2003 conference showed U.S. government interest in Web services, and in a few cases, some real progress.

Getting Web Services Ready for Business

WebServices.Org, 12 May 2003.
Report from XML Europe 2003: documents good, interoperable documents better, secure interoperable documents best.

BEA releases royalty-free specs to enhance reliable messaging

WebServices.Org, 31 March 2003.
"To conduct business electronically, companies need bullet-proof assurance that the messages they send get received. Otherwise, the business flow can be seriously impaired, and relations between trading partners undermined."

'Metadata Rules' - a report from the Open Forum on Metadata Registries

WebServices.Org, 24 February 2003.
"To share data successfully, companies and individuals need to start somewhere, and for many parties looking to exchange data that 'somewhere' is a registry. Registries provide an index or description of the information held or maintained by an organization or community of interest, and the data used for indexing or description are called metadata, literally defined as data about data."

Business processes and Web services

WebServices.Org, 20 January 2003.
20 January 2003. A history and overview of business processes and advancements within EDI, XML B2B standards such as RosettaNet, and new initiatives such as the newly formed Web Services Choreography Working Group.

Business at XML 2002

XML.Com, 8 January 2003.
The XML 2002 conference and expo (8-13 December 2002) reflected the impact of the technology recession on XML business applications. With many business customers cutting back on new technology investments, XML vendors now take a greater interest in government clients and offer their tools to help organizations integrate current applications as well as build new ones.

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31 December 2003