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XML 2004 Making Gains with Web Services by Setting Limits
WebServices.Org, 17 December 2004.
For participants at the recent XML 2004 conference interested in Web services, several sessions discussed emerging standards, not only from what they can do, but also what they cannot and should not do.

Collaboratories: Encouraging Remote Scientific Collaboration
Science's Next Wave, 29 October 2004.
Next Wave investigates "collaboratories," digital technologies which encourage and facilitate collaboration between virtual institutions and real facilities.

Evolving Career Options in the Changing World of Software
Science's Next Wave, 3 September 2004.
A background perspective on the software industry and how its dynamics have dramatically changed over the past decade, the story describes a host of occupations in software and highlights the most promising career growth areas.

This Time, We Mean It
Science's Next Wave, 6 August 2004.
A technology called Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) helps distance runners and road race organizers keep more accurate performance times and report results on larger numbers of competitors. RFID is also one of the hot new electronic technologies with growing career potential for engineers and scientists.

Science and Diplomacy, As Seen From the Diplomatic Front Lines
Science's Next Wave, 4 June 2004.
A veteran U.S. diplomat says it is time for diplomats to learn more about the world of science so that they can better represent their nations' interests in the hot policy realms of public health and the environment. And scientists who care about the impact of science on society may well find a diplomatic career a good way to fulfill that need.
Spanish Translation (Universia)

No IT Job Left Behind?
IEEE Spectrum Careers, June 2004.
Originally published in Science's Next Wave, 14 May 2004.
A May 2004 conference on the information technology (IT) workforce, sponsored by the Information Technology Association of America, showed that the job prospects for the industry look good in the long term, if it can only make it through the next few years.

ebXML - when e-business means business
International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Focus magazine, May 2004 issue.
The approval on 29 March 2004 of four ebXML specifications as new ISO standards marks the latest achievement by this set of documents that promises to enable any enterprise of any size do business electronically. (print only)

Drug Discovery Careers--Heavy Demands, Expanding Opportunities
Science's Next Wave, 5 March 2004.
"Sure, the drug discovery field is demanding, but there are also plenty of rewards for those willing to meet those demands."

BizDex: ebXML And Web Services To Go The Last Mile
WebServices.Org, 13 January 2004.
The Australian government has combined with standards authorities and technology vendors to build a national e-business network for small companies.
Reposted from ebXML Forum

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