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Science Careers Best of 2006
Science Careers, 29 December 2006.
At year-end, our editors take a look back at the past year and highlight our choices for the best we had to offer.

Special Feature: Scientific Opportunities in China
Science Careers, 8 December 2006.
As China grows, so grow China's scientific opportunities. Science Careers examines some of those opportunities--and some pitfalls--and recounts the experiences of a few researchers who have worked in China.

A Primer on Science Research in China
Science Careers, 8 December 2006.
Science Careers offers an overview of China's research system and environment as well as a few tips for China-bound Western scientists.

Foreign Students Return to U.S. Colleges ... That's the Good News, 23 November 2006.
After several years of declining enrollments, foreign students are returning to American colleges and universities, but students first need to get past a visa and immigration process that international travelers call the worst in the world.

Funding Your Research in High-Temperature Superconductivity
Science Careers, 17 November 2006.
Researchers in the U.S. can find a few sources for funding basic research, as well as applied R&D in high-temperature superconductivity.

Financing Your Research in Computational Neuroscience
Science Careers, 6 October 2006.
Science Careers surveys several American sources of computational neuroscience research funding in the public and private-nonprofit sectors.

Special Feature: Careers in Computational Neuroscience
Science Careers, 6 October 2006.
Career and funding opportunities are growing for researchers who combine neuroscience with informatics and engineering.

Science Careers, 21 July 2006.
Some readers need a little guidance navigating the Web site.

Financing Your Research in Alternative Energy
Science Careers, 14 July 2006.
Scientists interested in alternative energy can tap government funds for their research. But private capital is also available for projects with commercial applications.

Funding for Decision Science Research: Negotiating the Maze
Science Careers, 30 June 2006.
Decision-science funding is divided into programs for basic decision-making research and programs that focus on a wide variety of applications.

Funding to Be an American (Scientist) in Paris
Science Careers, 21 April 2006.
To help American scientists plan for their research experience in France, Science's Next Wave has compiled a collection of funding programs supporting exchanges between the two countries.

Learning Without Schooling--Science Education Outside the Classroom
Science Careers, 24 March 2006.
Scientists can teach children outside the classroom, but according to two former researchers, you need business skills and a touch of showbiz.

ebXML - When Innovation Really Matters
ISO Focus magazine, February 2006.
Doing business electronically can provide a wealth of opportunities for innovation, but it takes more than just technology to make e-business successful. It takes open standards that provide a base on which to build innovative solutions which is what the Electronic Business XML standards provide (print only).

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30 December 2006

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