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Documentary posters

Cape May wildlife poster with watermark

Show your key achievements and events, or portray the diversity and variety of your collections, in a powerful visual narrative displayed as art for your group and stakeholders, or in your home. Our current collection of documentary posters are displayed and for sale in the TechNewsLit store. The works are available in two sizes, printed on your choice of three paper grades or foam board.
Image: Wildlife of Cape May poster. (A. Kotok)

Documentary poster YouTube channel

Rainbow in Cienfuegos, Cuba

TechNewsLit Visual can prepare and publish your extended visual and text naratives as electronic books, in Kindle and EPub formats, as well as digital flip books that simulate real book or magazine pages. Technology News & Literature published the ebook Cienfuegos Rainbow, richly illustrated with photos, now available at and Barnes & Noble.

  • Image: Cienfuegos Rainbow cover art (A. Kotok)