Alan Kotok, Publications, 2008

  • Science Careers. Science Careers' Best of 2008. "No, You're Not an Impostor" and other hits from 2008, selected by Science Careers editors. 26 December 2008
  • Science Careers. Scientists as Financial Analysts. It may be a terrible time for the finance industry, but it might be a good time for researchers to plan for careers as financial analysts. 21 November 2008
  • Science Careers. A New GI Bill for Scientists. Can the proposed GI Bill do for Iraq and Afghanistan veterans what the original GI Bill did for World War II veterans? Representative Harry Mitchell, who sponsored the bill in Congress, and other experts discuss its potential impact. 6 June 2008.
  • Science Careers. Student-Veterans Come Marching Home: Their Return to Studies. A group of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans tell about their new lives as science and engineering students and the impact of military service on their campus experiences. 6 June 2008
    Also featured in a Science Careers podcast [MP3].
  • Science Careers. Business Financing for Your Research. Properly managed, private-sector funding can complement more traditional sources of support for academic research. 14 March 2008
    Also appearing in Science Magazine: 14 March 2008, vol. 319, Issue 5869, p. 1549.
  • Helium.Com. Review of The New American Judaism by Arthur Blecher. Arthur Blecher's The New American Judaism may not be the official companion book for PBS's recent series on Jews in America, but it should be. Like the PBS series, Blecher examines the rich history of American Jewish experience, but he goes beyond the present, outlining a vision of the future for American Jews that's both challenging and encouraging. 13 January 2008

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