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  • Omni Media. A Thinking Person's Artificial Intelligence. 23 June 2017. A company is creating a human face for artificial intelligence, not a synthetic brain.
  • Omni Media. Do You Want Your Bacon CRISPR?. 8 June 2017. Legal and ethical issues need to be resolved before genome editing can start curing inherited diseases.
  • Omni Media. Health Care, Precisely One Person at a Time. 22 May 2017. Precision or personalized medicine is designed to make use of advances in genomics, where we define our body's chemistry by our unique DNA or genetic code.
  • Omni Media. Let Guinea Pigs be Guinea Pigs. 26 April 2017. There's hope for our furry friends in the lab from an emerging technology that can substitute small pieces of clear plastic that function like human organs, at least for some kinds of lab tests.
  • Omni Media. Look Out Pharma. The Tech Industry is After You. 19 April 2017. The growing presence of information technology in health care now includes delivery of therapies directly to the patient.
  • A Blog You Can Trust. 4 January 2016. The success of your blog isn't only about your content. It's as much about your readers and the relationship you build with them. Also published on Medium and LinkedIn.
  • Science and Enterprise. The Next Health Care Disruption. 29 September 2015. The pharmaceutical industry must reform its business practices to bring down costs of prescription drugs. If the industry doesn't change from within, others will do it for them, and it won't be pretty. Part of the special Think Further series, sponsored by investment company Fred Alger Management.
  • LinkedIn. Making Bootstraps: A Mid-Career Break to Boost Wage Growth. 15 March 2015. Universal Sabbatical for Advancement grants would be modeled after the G.I. Bill and provide workers with a mid-career break for a year to build skills for higher-paying jobs. Also posted on Science and Technology.

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