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  • Seeking Alpha. GlaxoSmithKline Positioning For Clinical Trial Data Advantage. 26 November 2012. GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) made a key move into an industry-leading position to reform the clinical trial process that tests new drugs on human subjects by making available to outside researchers detailed data from its own clinical trials.
  • SoftXML. Print Advertising Uses XML and E Business to Do Business. 23 November 2012. Newspaper and magazines may print their media products, but they transact their advertising business through XML and electronic commerce with the AdsML specification.
  • American Diplomacy journal, November 2012. Book review. Public Opinion and International Intervention: Lessons from the Iraq War, Edited by Richard Sobel, Peter Furia, and Bethany Barratt, Potomac Books, 2012. Even majorities of the public in countries fighting the war in Iraq disapproved of the venture, which took its toll on relations with the U.S.
  • SoftXML. XML Tames the Exchange of Investment Research. 20 October 2012. The Research Information Exchange Markup Language can't guarantee a good investment decision, but it can help financial decision-makers find the information they need.
  • SoftXML. XML Standardizes, Simplifies European Public Agency Procurement. 23 September 2012. The Pan-European Public Procurement OnLine (PEPPOL) initiative aims to help companies large and small in Europe do e-business with any public agency in any EU country, with much of its technology based on XML.
  • Seeking Alpha. Monsanto, Alnylam To Apply Genomics To Agricultural Pests. 2 September 2012. Agricultural products company Monsanto (MON) in St. Louis agreed to license gene-silencing technology from the biotechnology company Alnylam Pharmaceuticals (ALNY) in Cambridge, Massachusetts, a deal that highlights new strategic directions for both companies.
  • SoftXML. Telecomm Industry Supply Chain Synchronized with XML. 7 August 2012. A recent implementation of supply chain transactions in the telecommunications industry uses XML protocols for exchanging messages between a mobile phone company in Europe and its manufacturing contractor in China.
  • Seeking Alpha. Nokia Using Open Innovation To Break Into Mobile Health Sector. 30 May 2012. Nokia Corporation, a mobile communications developer based in Finland, unveiled last week a competition for medical sensing solutions that indicates a new direction for the company, as well as a novel way of using open innovation.
  • Seeking Alpha. Minding The Alternative Energy Commercialization Gap. 7 May 2012. Among the companies encouraging action on alternative energies are commercial airlines, who have historically suffered from world oil price fluctuations, and developers of bio-based aviation fuel alternatives.
  • Seeking Alpha. Health Care Report Connects Dots Between Genomic Research And Patient Records. 17 April 2012. An editorial in the journal Science Translational Medicine calls for reducing the barriers now limiting the connections between research on the human genome and electronic health records, with opportunities for businesses in the health care field.
  • Seeking Alpha. New Examples Of Open Innovation To Stimulate Company R&D. 27 March 2012. Two announcements in the past two weeks -- by Unilever and Eli Lilly and Company -- highlight ways companies tap the wisdom of crowds to supplement their research and development capabilities.
  • SoftXML. A Taxing Note About XML. 18 March 2012. As much as we hate to pay taxes, tax authorities still need to collect them, and in the case of the U.S. Internal Revenue Service, that collection job is now made possible by XML.
  • Seeking Alpha. Innovations Needed In Both Process And Product To Revitalize American Manufacturing. 27 February 2012. To revitalize America's manufacturing base, said speakers at a Brookings Institution conference in Washington, D.C., the U.S. needs innovations in the way products are made as much as innovations that create the next big thing.
  • SoftXML. XML Registries Core of New U.S. Aviation Weather Platform. 5 February 2012. The new USA air traffic control system called NextGen will be based on advanced GPS technology, rather than the current radar-based approach, with a key element of that system covering weather data organized around an electronic-business concept called registry and repository.
  • Science Business. Commentary: Manufacturing the Health Care Venture Crisis. 27 November 2011. The National Venture Capital Association used selected bits and pieces from its survey to predict a retreat by investors from U.S. life sciences companies.
  • Technorati. Friendly to What Business?. 1 October 2011. If states want the big bucks from big brains and the benefits they bring, then they need to make the work being done and people doing the work feel at home.
  • Technorati. Health Care Costs and Health Care Spending -- Not the Same Thing. 11 July 2011. If you want to control health care spending, you first have to control health care costs.
  • Technorati. Why American Manufacturing Rocks. 19 June 2011. Innovations built on brainpower rather than race-to-the-bottom cheap labor are propelling American manufacturing and exports.
  • SoftXML. UBL Speaks Volumes About Doing Business. 21 April 2011. Companies that do business electronically -- even small businesses -- discover they deal in multiple markets and thus need to speak various business languages. That's a key reason for an OASIS specification called the Universal Business Language (UBL).
  • SoftXML. A Model for Sharing Data and Stopping the Bad Guys. 28 March 2011. When issues are terrorism, criminal justice, and disaster management, the stakes of "talking to each other" rise dramatically.
  • SoftXML. XBRL: Finance Speaking XML. 13 February 2011. If finance is the language of business, then XBRL -- the eXtensible Business Reporting Language -- is the language of finance in XML.
  • Technorati. Patents: The Missing Piece for Industry Clusters. 23 January 2011. Regional industry clusters may have merit, but they are missing one piece to jump-start innovation: make it easier to get patents for their discoveries.
  • SoftXML. Entrepreneurs Need XML Now More Than Ever. 22 January 2011. To give a new business more of an edge when the going gets tough, the tough get XML.
  • Technorati. The Law That Launched a Thousand (More Like 6,500) Companies. 6 December 2010. The Bayh-Dole Act successfully connects the brainpower in American universities to the entrepreneurial and industrial engines in the American economy.
  • Technorati. MIA: Venture Funding for Science Start Ups. 6 November 2010. "Angel" investors -- those who traditionally fund start ups -- have pulled back their support for entrepreneurs.
  • Technorati. The War on Science is a War on Jobs. 10 October 2010. In 2008-2009, during the worst recession since the 1930s, American scientific researchers created nearly 1,200 new companies.
  • Gerson Lehrman Group News Analysis. Not Your Father's Carbon Capture and Storage. 3 October 2010. New developments point to a better outlook for carbon capture and storage (CCS), the process for removing carbon dioxide (CO2) from coal-fired power plant emissions. A new design for the revived FutureGen CCS demonstration project uses a simpler technology in an existing plant rather than building a whole new facility as originally planned. Plus, enterprises are looking at the carbon dioxide stored by CCS as a potential source for new businesses. Public Web version.
  • Technorati. On Renewable Fuels, the Public is Ahead of the Beltway. 5 September 2010. While climate-change legislation remains stalled in the Senate, American businesses and individuals have started the switch from fossil to renewable fuels on their own. And the price of energy seems to be a factor in making it happen.
  • Gerson Lehrman Group News Analysis. Moving Closer to a Biofuels Future. 28 August 2010. The annual U.S. energy audit by Lawrence Livermore National Lab shows Americans increased their use of renewable energy sources, which offers hope that Americans are becoming more aware of and comfortable with alternatives to fossil fuels. And recent developments in the science and business of biofuels should move that process along even further. Public Web version.
  • Gerson Lehrman Group News Analysis. A Challenging Way to Finance Innovation. 1 August 2010. More foundations, government agencies, and private companies are holding innovation challenges that offer rich purses to generate new ideas to solve tough problems from a wide range of sources. Public Web version.
  • Science Careers. Science Careers Editors' Best of 2009. 25 December 2009.
    Science Careers editors selected the articles they thought best described 2009, a year many scientists would just as soon forget.
  • Science Careers. The Entrepreneurial Bug. 9 October 2009.
    Three academic scientists tell how they became afflicted by the drive to commercialize their science.
  • Science Magazine. Newsmakers. Deaths: War Zone.
    Volume 323, Number 5913. page 445. 23 January 2009.
    (subscription required; local PDF copy)
    A 36-year-old anthropologist has become the third social scientist to be killed while working with the U.S. Army's Human Terrain System in Iraq and Afghanistan.
    Related story, Science Careers blog

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